the support you need.

VRI’s Care Center is here to provide the assistance you request in your time of need. During your initial set up, you will provide us with your preferred contacts, including local responders to assist in non-emergency scenarios and those you would like us to notify following any assistance provided. You can change this list at any time by contacting the VRI Care Center.


A responder is someone like a friend or family member who is available to assist you when contacted by VRI’s Care Center. For us to be successful in caring for you, a responder should:

  • Have a current phone number on file

  • Be willing and able to check on you or assist you in a time of need within about 15 minutes

  • Be able to communicate with VRI’s Care Center over the phone or emergency unit if you need further assistance, like EMS.

must notifies.

A must notify is an individual who should be informed any time you require assistance. Must notifies will be contacted following the confirmation of care, and you will agree to allow VRI to communicate any details regarding your care to the must notify contact.

emergency responders.

Should you require emergency care, VRI will contact local responders to dispatch assistance. While VRI cannot control the speed at which they respond, we will provide them with pertinent details, including key locations, medications, and health conditions.

updates to call lists.

You may change your call list, including the order and listed contacts, at any time by contacting the VRI Care Center.

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